Innovation List

Mobile tool platform  with hybrid drive
Mobile tool platform with hybrid drive equipped with remote control will facilitate the work in many industrial and household sectors, e.g. in agriculture, construction and municipal works. The platform allows for individual configuration depending on the final user’s needs due to its adaptability to various types of tools.
Keywords: agriculture, construction, municipal work, automation, hybrid vehicle
Industry: automatic control and robotics, geotechnics and construction, Civil engineering and transport, agriculture
Innovative materials for bone regeneration
Obtaining nanostructured membrane materials with fluorescent properties to be used as barrier membranes intended for guided tissue regeneration before implantoprosthetic procedures when the reconstruction of the lost bone is a necessary condition for the implantation of a tooth substitute.
Keywords: biomaterials, dentistry, GBR/GTR, nanofibers, electrospinning
Industry: biomedical engineering, medical industry, nanotechnology, Advanced materials
Photocurable  polymer nanocomposites  for 3D-VAT printing
Photocurable polymer resins modified with nanoadditives with improved mechanical parameters. The material is designed for 3D-VAT printing of technical products.
Keywords: nanocomposites, 3D printing (DLP, SLA), mechanical strength, electrical conductivity
Industry: Material engineering and material technologies, automotive, nanotechnology, Advanced materials
Luminescent coatings for precise measurements in aerodynamic tunnels
Sensory coatings of the SQPSP type (Solvent Quenching Pressure Sensitive Paints) with improved physical parameters, dedicated to aerodynamic tests conducted for the needs of construction industry, mapping the pressure of fluids and the pressure of solids on various surfaces.
Keywords: construction, aerodynamic tests, Pressure Sensitive Paints, luminescent sensors, pressure distribution mapping
Industry: automatic control and robotics, geotechnics and construction, mechanics and mechanical engineering, Energy technologies
Photocuring  polimer composites  for dental fillings
Light-curing dental composites for fillings in permanent teeth, characterized by color stability over time, non-toxicity due to the elimination of aromatic amines and reduced polymerization shrinkage.
Keywords: medicine, dental fillings, photoinitiating systems, cationic photopolymerization
Industry: Material engineering and material technologies, medical industry, Advanced materials
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The program called "Innovation Incubator 4.0" is implemented as part of a non-competitive project entitled "Support for the management of scientific research and commercialization of R&D results in research units and enterprises" under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 (Measure 4.4).
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